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Getting You Back to Your Center Point

sculpture of a spineAt Berner Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we know the tremendous impact that the alignment of the top bone of your spine can have on your overall health. The atlas bone is right next to your brain stem. When your head is off of its center point, your entire body will try to compensate for it.

The Devastating Effects of Being Off-Center

Think of holding a bowling ball close to your body. You can do it for a minute or two without problems. If you extended your arm, however, and tried to hold the bowling ball out from your body, it gets heavy quickly. Your shoulder will ache, your back hurts, and you can’t keep it that way for long.

Now, think of your head as the bowling ball. When it’s off-center, it will create a domino effect of devastation down your whole body. We want to re-center your head so that everything below that point can come back into balance.

Check Out a Patient Success Story

Dr. Berner has been my chiropractor for about 3 years now. I choose him because of the specific type of chiropractic he practices. It’s very scientific and detailed! Dr. Berner is very genuine, detailed, and listens to his patients. I credit Dr. Berner and the method he uses for getting my health back to 100% and keeping it there! Thank you!” - Tyler S., Google Review

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