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Upper Cervical Care

At Berner Upper Cervical Chiropractic, our primary focus is on the upper cervical region of your spine – specifically, the atlas bone. The atlas bone is right next to your brain stem. When your head is off of its center point, your entire body will try to compensate for it. You will likely experience various health-related issues. We know the considerable impact that the alignment of the top bone of your spine can have on your overall health.

The Harmful Effects of Being Off-Center

Imagine holding a bowling ball close to your body. Sure, you can do it for a minute or two without any issue. If you extended your arm, however, and tried to hold the bowling ball out from your body, it gets heavy fast. You likely will notice your shoulder starting to ache as well as your back. In short, you can’t stay in that position for long.

Now, imagine your head as the bowling ball. When your head is off-center, it will create a cascade of problems down your whole body. Our objective is to re-center your head so that everything below that point can come back into balance.

Specific analysis of the upper cervical spine allows optimal correction

Providing Gentle and Specific Adjustments

When most people hear of chiropractic, they imagine a forceful or uncomfortable adjustment. Maybe they think they will get “cracked” or contorted. That’s not the case at our practice. You won’t hear popping sounds or be placed in painful positions.

In addition to being comfortable, our adjustments are highly precise. That’s because we use a laser-guided instrument that comes in at a highly specific vector. The adjustments are gentle and use only about 3-5 pounds of pressure to realign the atlas back underneath the skull.

Achieving and Maintaining Alignment

The goal is to get the atlas back in alignment and keep it there as long as possible with as few adjustments as possible. We have some patients who see us quarterly to get aligned while others get checked twice a year or yearly. Other patients come in more frequently. These include individuals who have been involved in an auto accident. People can tell the difference when they’re in or out of alignment.

What to Expect

We perform an extremely thorough examination on every patient that we see. This process is necessary, so we can determine how best to correct the alignment of your atlas. We use 3D X-rays to help us gain a more in-depth picture of your spinal alignment.

After we’ve calculated how best to adjust you, we’ll do so and let your body go to work doing what it does best – heal and regulate.

Check Out a Patient Success Story

Dr. Berner has been my chiropractor for about 3 years now. I choose him because of the specific type of chiropractic he practices. It’s very scientific and detailed! Dr. Berner is very genuine, detailed, and listens to his patients. I credit Dr. Berner and the method he uses for getting my health back to 100% and keeping it there! Thank you!”
Tyler S.,
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What is upper cervical chiropractic?

This form of chiropractic focuses on correcting spinal misalignments in the top part of the neck, the atlas bone.

What is orthospinology?

Orthospinology helps construct a three-dimensional view of the upper cervical spine. It reveals how the head and neck sit over the top of the body. We can take a highly precise look at how the brain stem and spinal cord may be affected by existing misalignments. Dr. Berner uses an X-ray analysis and gentle, laser-guided instrument. With this approach, he can identify and make a specific correction. When he does that, your body will be freed from unwanted interference.
In addition to Orthospinology, Dr. Berner also uses the Pierce Results System Video X-Ray Analysis. This analysis can locate a lack of motion in the spine. This technology provides assurance when it comes to the presenting problem and how to achieve lasting results best.

Do you ever adjust lower than the upper cervical?

Yes; first, we want to get the head and neck realigned and let everything else return to alignment. The primary objective is getting rid of all the compensatory issues. If anything else needs care, we will work on those next.

What qualifications does Dr. Berner have?

He is one of a handful of chiropractors in the country who is certified in Orthospinology. In addition to his training, Dr. Berner serves as an instructor, teaching other doctors and students the fundamentals of the precise upper cervical technique. He teaches basic one, basic two, and advanced instrument adjusting seminars. Dr. Berner is also a speaker at the Annual Orthospinology Symposium.

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