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Upper Cervical Care in Marietta

Woman on table getting adjustmentAt Berner Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we use an upper cervical approach called Orthospinology, similar to NUCCA, Grostic, and Atlas Orthogonal, to correct the entire spine. It’s an evidence-based procedure that analyzes the unique misalignment of the upper cervical spine and its influence on postural reflexes of the entire body.

Using Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced X-ray imaging techniques and computer software to analyze the craniocervical junction in three dimensions. The specific adjustment is based on the unique geometry of each patient’s spine, and a mathematical vector is calculated to achieve the desired correction.

Once the upper cervical procedure has been completed, the results are remeasured. We always want to verify that we corrected the misalignment to obtain repeatable, consistent results, where the patient needs to be adjusted as little as possible.

Why Focus on the Upper Cervical Spine?

Every nerve in the body either passes through or originates at the brainstem. This area near the base of the skull is the most neurologically important and has no vertebral discs, making it flexible and vulnerable to misalignment (subluxation) and injury. The sensitive nature of this area can have widespread neurological effects and cause postural distortions throughout the body.

Consider your posture when holding a bowling ball next to your body, versus holding it in an outstretched arm. You would perceive one to be much heavier than the other, and your body will adapt accordingly. We see the same thing when the upper cervical spine misaligns and the head moves off center.

An entire body postural distortion occurs due to the body’s reflexes. Think of it as a misalignment of the entire body, not just the upper cervical spine. Combine this with the neurological stress created, and we can see why it has such wide ranging effects.


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Absolutely, in fact, these are some of the most common problems we encounter in the office. The upper cervical spine has a unique influence on the postural responses of everything below it. We even find many unresolved low back/sciatic issues are from looking at the point of pain, not the root cause of the problem.

Do I have to come back all the time?

One of the benefits of the Orthospinology procedure is its ability to create long-term stability in the spine. Our goal is to correct the spine without the need to be adjusted over and over again, but instead leave it alone until it misaligns again.

While some follow-up care will always be needed (accidents, injuries, etc will cause it to misalign again), most of our patients eventually go many months and sometimes longer between adjustments.

Is there any twisting, cracking, or popping?

No. The Orthospinology adjustment of the upper cervical spine is very gentle. While it may seem scary, it’s barely perceivable at about 3-5 pounds of pressure on the atlas. The most common response is “that’s it?” The precision of the adjustment allows us to create a vector-based force that can make the correction without any twisting, cracking or popping.

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