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Orthospinology in Marietta

Measuring womanWithin upper cervical care, there are approximately 6-8 mainstream techniques that fall within the umbrella. Orthospinology is one of those methods. This technique is designed to maintain alignment of the neck and head and to remove interference surrounding the brain stem.

A Modern Mathematical Method

With our approach, we don’t guess but instead test. We take a 3D set of X-rays that are unique to every single patient. Then we take a mathematical or geometric approach to analyzing and measuring the spine and exactly how it’s misaligned.

When a patient comes in and we measure their X-rays we find the different calculated vectors that we need to make the correction and then we want to look at all of the neurological factors that change.

Adjustments Are Gentle

We adjust using two different instruments, including one that is guided by a laser that comes in at a very specific angle for a targeted adjustment. Perhaps you’ve avoided going to the chiropractor out of concern that you’d be “cracked”or your spine would be twisted. You’ll be pleased to know that with this gentle and precise technique there’s no twisting, cracking or popping of the spine.

Why We Re-Measure

After the first adjustment, we immediately come back and take two new X-rays and then re-measure for verification. The purpose is to verify on the X-rays after the first adjustment that we corrected what we were trying to fix. So when we measure the post-X-ray correction, we can fine-tune our adjustment a bit.

Our Board Certified Orthospinologist

Dr. Berner actively teaches the Basic 1 and Basic 2 Orthospinology classes to doctors and students from around the country in addition to speaking at various conferences.

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