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Is Your Condition Really Genetic?

main with hand joint painYou hear it all the time: your spouse, friend or co-worker has a problem that came right from their mother or father. Since their parent had a particular condition, it’s bound to be something that they’ll have to deal with, too. Though some issues are undeniably passed on through your genetics, it may surprise you to know that yours might not be.

One of the questions we often get from our patients is whether they’re destined to get arthritis that their mom had. When we take X-rays, we may even see signs of arthritis. That doesn’t, however, mean that it was passed on through your genes.

The Effects of Wear and Tear Over the Years

More likely, your problem is due to years of wear and tear. Your body has been out of alignment for years or in some cases, decades. This type of damage will cause a slow breakdown of the body.

It can all begin with something that you may not even realize, such as a minor car accident that you were involved in years ago. Or a sports injury from back in your high school days. Your particular issue may have begun some time ago, progressing until it gets to a point where you can no longer ignore it and seek help for your pain. At Berner Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we love seeing our patients get back to an incredible state of health.

Complimentary Consultations Available

If you would like to learn more, contact us today! We’ll set you up with a free consultation. You’ll meet with Dr. Berner to discuss your concerns and talk more about what we do.

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