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Stay Active and Enhance Your Performance

man lacing up running shoesAt Berner Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we’re proponents of living a healthy lifestyle. The choices that you make to stay well must include an activity level that’s suited to what’s appropriate for you. If you enjoy being active or are an athlete, you want to make sure that you can perform at your highest level yet. Our upper cervical technique may give you an advantage you haven’t considered before.

Why Your Atlas Needs to Be Balanced

The atlas is the top bone in your spine. With our orthospinology technique, we ensure that your head is perfectly centered on your body and the atlas is properly aligned. If your head is off-center, you’ll have a hip that’s higher than the other. While lying down, you’ll have one leg that’s longer than the other. You might also have a shoulder that is high. Now, consider being a runner. You’re about 200 pounds, but because of your lack of balance, you carry 110 pounds on one side of your body and 90 on the other.

It’s not enough to feel anything initially. Over the years, however, you’ll find that your hips, knees or ankles are wearing out. Many of the athletes we see have unexplained knee pain. When we take measurements at your examination, you’ll know exactly why you’re having discomfort.

Dr. Berner was my last attempt before considering back surgery. I had done almost everything including several minor surgeries, nerve blocks, epidural injections to ease pain due to two fractures in my lower vertabrae. Dr. Berner literally saved me and I have been able to get back to my active life! His unique approach, patience and intelligence is unmatched to anyone I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a TON of doctors. - Joan B., Google Review

Achieve Your Best Performance With Us

When your atlas is misaligned, your muscle tone and posture are thrown off, which will affect your performance. The muscles of the body are tight on one side and stretched on another. When we restore the alignment of your atlas bone, the rest of your body can get back into balance.

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